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Concerned Parents Hire Drug-Sniffing Dogs To Catch Teens

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Jack Russell terrier Meet Rogue, a friendly Jack Russell terrier who loves green bouncy balls and can help you sweep your teenager’s room for illegal substances like marijuana, cocaine, meth or heroin. Rogue’s owner, Blake Blomquist, decided to become a certified handler of a drug-sniffing dog after a friend’s teenage daughter died of a drug overdose. “The biggest thing that was so hard was even when he suspected, when all the signs were there, he could never prove anything,” he told the Marietta Daily Journal.

“When a parent can get that proof at that key time period before it goes overboard, it gives them a lot of power to make an intervention and stop what’s happening,” Blomquist says. He formed the company Discreet K9 and chose a Jack Russell terrier because he’s approachable and less intimidating to a nervous mom or dad.

A previous story on the Today show interviewed parents who hired drug-sniffing dogs when they suspect their children might be doing drugs. One parent said that hiring a drug-sniffing dog initially made her daughter angry but eventually led to an intervention that helped turn her life around. A child psychologist called the drug-sniffing dog “overkill” and potentially destructive to parental relationships.

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Source: USA Today Tiny Terrier used to sniff out drugs

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