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Colleges Try New Methods to Reduce Binge Drinking

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

student textbook penAs the school year starts, colleges are finding new ways to address the problem of binge drinking on campuses. According to the Chicago Tribune, colleges are experimenting to make small reductions in the binge drinking rate by educating students about the signs of alcohol poisoning, sponsoring alcohol-free events, offering a class about drug and alcohol abuse, and limiting the availability of alcohol. According to one survey, 34 percent of colleges have banned alcohol in the past decade and 4 in 5 colleges now offer students the option of living in an alcohol-free residence. University of Nebraska at Lincoln reduced binge drinking by limiting alcohol and requiring students to register for parties. About 40 percent of college students still binge drink, defined as five drinks for men and four drinks for women in two hours. Binge drinking continues to be a serious problem on college campuses, causing an estimated 1,800 student deaths a year and making students more likely to skip classes, get injured and engage in risky behaviors.

Source: Chicago Tribune Colleges try new tactics in battle against binge drinking

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