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California Poll Indicates Voters Oppose Marijuana Legalization

Friday, June 1st, 2012

LA Times marijuana legalization poll resultsMost California voters oppose the legalization of marijuana, according to a USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll published today in the LA Times.

While 80% of respondents claimed to support doctor-prescribed marijuana use in cases of severe illness, “general or recreational use by adults” was supported by only 46% and opposed by 50%.  Those who “feel strongly” about their position comprise a powerful 42% among the opposition, while only 30% of those supporting legalization felt similarly adamant about their position.

San Francisco was the only region of the state that favored legalization, with 55% answering in support of recreational use.  Voters in Southern California were more conservative, with only 41% in support of legalization.  That number is slightly higher (49%) in Los Angeles County.

The LA Times article suggests that the results indicate public opinion on the topic remains virtually unchanged since Proposition 19 was defeated in 2010 by comparable percentages.  The article states that, “oddly, given the state’s long role as a leader in marijuana decriminalization and cultivation, support for sanctioning its general use here appears to lag behind the sentiment in the rest of the country.”

The poll was conducted between May 17-21 statewide, and sampled 1,000 registered voters. Other questions put to respondents included whether they had ever used marijuana “as medicine” (3%), whether they had used it for pleasure at least once in their lives (38%), and whether they had done so within the past year (9%).  The poll has a margin of error of 3-5 percentage points.

Source: The LA TimesCalifornia voters don’t back marijuana legalization, poll finds

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