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Calif. Company Proposes Marijuana Vending Machines

Friday, March 8th, 2013

bubble gum vending machinesSome people have noted that regulating marijuana’s advertising and access may prove to be as difficult as regulating junk food. One company has decided to pursue the junk food delivery model by using vending machines to sell marijuana in dispensaries.

Dr. Bruce Bedrick, the CEO of Med-Box, believes the technology—which  he describes as “800-pound, armor coated machines that are sitting in dispensaries”—could  actually help regulate marijuana more effectively by limiting the dispensing to patients. The idea is that dispensaries will issue a card to patients who bring in their prescriptions and ID. To fill their prescriptions, patients will then swipe the card, scan a fingerprint, and wait for a staff member to dispense the marijuana.

Med-Box proposed the idea at a San Diego City Council meeting. However, the mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner, has quickly nixed the idea: “There will be no vending machines of medical marijuana in San Diego. … [We need] more access, but more restrictions.”

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Source: Fox News Company hopes to bring marijuana-dispensing machines to San Diego

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