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Arizona Bans Medical Marijuana at Colleges

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Medical Marijuana SignArizona governor Jan Brewer (R) signed a bill on Tuesday banning the use of medical marijuana on state and community college campuses, according to a recent Reuters article.  The new law is considered to be the latest move in a long running battle over legalization of marijuana, and its supporters contend that it’s passage was  necessary to maintain federal funding for the schools, which may be endangered if marijuana use is permitted on campuses.

Representative Amanda Reeves (R), a supporter of the bill, said in a statement “Our children and adult students are far too important to risk. I’m proud to say we acted swiftly and decisively when confronted by this obvious concern.”

Arizona, which narrowly passed the medical marijuana measure two years ago, is one of 16 states with similar provisions for legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes.  The passage of the new law this week comes during a national crackdown on medical marijuana storefronts in Western states that are thought to be fronts for drug trafficking, or that are located nearby schools or parks.

Photo: Laurie Avocado

Source: ReutersArizona governor signs law to bar medical marijuana at colleges

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