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Amber Valletta Shares Her Daily Struggle with Addiction

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Amber_VallettaActress and model Amber Valletta recently shared her story of living with addiction with MindBodyGreen. During her first time opening up about her recovery, she shared an honest, powerful account of what it means to struggle with addiction.

Ms. Valletta’s experience with substance abuse started in childhood; she got high for the first time at age 10. She emphasized that she was predisposed to the disease of addiction, and that neither the environment in which she was raised nor her industry caused her substance use disorder.

Ms. Valletta continued by sharing how she began a journey to recovery. “I got sober at 25 not because I had the willpower, but because I didn’t want to die and I really believed that there had to be something more than what I was doing,” she said.

After being sober for 15 years, she described her battle with the disease as daily—it is always “an arm’s length away.” By sharing her experience publicly, Ms. Valletta hopes that others struggling silently will be encouraged to seek help, and those with a friend or family member impacted by addiction may begin to understand the challenges they face.

“By me telling the truth today to you all, I get another day sober because I’m allowing you to see how I am. I’m not hiding my shame,” she said.

Source: MindBodyGreenHow I Live with Addiction Every Day: Amber Valletta

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