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Death Rates for Middle-Aged White Americans Increase

Fatalities related to opioids, alcohol, and suicide caused death rates for middle-aged white Americans to surge, in contrast to declining rates in other groups.

Obama Unveils Plan to Stem Prescription Painkiller Addiction

Noting that more Americans die each year from overdoses than from car accidents, Obama announced efforts experts say will modestly impact the opioid addiction epidemic.

Many Troubled by OxyContin Approved for Kids

Doctors treating young cancer patients praised the decision, the governor of Vermont was “horrified,” and addiction experts expressed deep concern.

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Criminal Justice Reform Takes Center Stage

From commuted sentences to efforts crossing party lines to a wake-up call from John Oliver, criminal justice issues have been all over the news in the past few weeks. Here is a look back at what transpired.

CDC Report Sheds Light on Heroin Epidemic

The CDC shares data on the alarming rise of heroin use and offers ways to stem the addiction epidemic.