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Phoenix House California

mother and daughter

For children and teens up to age 18 who have behavioral and mental health disorders, negatively affecting their functioning at home and school, we create individual care plans and build support network to address and resolve their issues.

Our Wraparound teams work collaboratively with family, school, and community support systems to identify underlying drivers tha


t are leading to disruption in the home environment and mental health issues for children and teens referred to us by schools, parents and families in Orange County.

We use Ten Wraparound principles in structuring comprehensive, community based services to address complex, individual needs of each child and family. Our flexible approach, based on the idea of “whatever it takes” helps reconcile families, improve academic success and resolve crises in each family.

Youth Partners help teens to deal with issues, attend school, participate in activities, resist negative peer-pressure, and resolve conflicts in a positive way. They serve as mentors and role models, and advocate for teens from their client’s perspective.

Parent Partners provide day to day support to parents and caregivers to secure basic needs, address housing or employment issues, help communicate their perspectives, and offer guidance in enriching family relationships.

Mental Health Therapists assist children and youths in dealing with their diagnosed mental health disorders,  through offering individual therapy sessions.

Lead by a Care Coordinator, the whole team works to implement creative interventions to help families function independently, across settings, and to the best of their ability.

News and Events

LAPD Volunteers “Speak Up!” at Phoenix House Academy in Los Angeles

LAPD volunteers hold family sessions and monthly workshops for teens in Los Angeles.

California Conference Reviews Clinical Transformation

Dr. Benjamin Nordstrom and Dr. Maja Trochimczyk presented the clinical transformation process at Phoenix House at the Substance Use Disorders Statewide Conference in California.

Community Coalition Meeting in Santa Ana

The Orange County Reentry Partnership (OC REP) held its July meeting at Phoenix House in Santa Ana, with over 50 participants. A team of counselors presented our clinical program updates and facility tours were available.

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