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Help for Me

An estimated 23 million Americans suffer from drug and alcohol-related problems. Each day, Phoenix House helps thousands of people find the right treatment, manage their recovery and get back their lives. Explore our services or locate a Phoenix House near you to get started on your road to recovery.

Congratulations on taking a courageous first step: getting help.  Phoenix House wants you to know that we are here for you. With our many different treatment options, we tailor services and solutions to best meet the needs of every person we serve. Whether you need a substance abuse evaluation, educational services, outpatient counseling, residential treatment, sober living or recovery supports, we offer the full spectrum of care.

At Phoenix House, you will be treated with respect and dignity by professional staff, some who are also in long-term recovery. Together, we will explore how drug or/alcohol use or mental health problems may be affecting you, your family, your schooling or career, and your quality of life. Our services vary by site and include: residential and outpatient treatment; group, individual, and family counseling; detoxification and stabilization; and services to help sustain a successful recovery.  Many of our clients take part in recreational and cultural activities—from hikes and picnics to recording in our music studios— that help them see the potential for a life free of substance abuse and addiction. We also offer specialized programs for underserved groups such as women, Latinos, and veterans.

If desired, we can include your significant other, family members and/or children in your treatment process.

Get in touch with us today.  You’ve already taken a brave first step by coming to this website—now let us help you in get your life back on track.

  • Structured Recovery Living with Outpatient Services

    Structured Recovery Living with Outpatient Services and can provide either a safe transitional space before a full return to independent living or an alternative to residential treatment for patients who may need more than outpatient services. See more details

  • Outpatient Services for Teens

    Phoenix House teen and adolescent programs provide treatment in a safe, supportive environment that gives youth and their families a chance to break free from substance abuse. See more details

  • Prevention and Education Services

    Phoenix House’s prevention and education services highlight the dangers of drug use, reinforce self-esteem, and educate youth and adults to make positive choices. See more details

  • Screening and Brief Interventions

    As Phoenix House has always been fully committed to prevention and early intervention, it’s natural that we offer Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral Treatment as developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA). See more details

  • Mental Health Services

    Substance abuse and addiction often go hand-in-hand with mental health issues, and Phoenix House offers treatment programs designed specifically to meet this need. See more details

  • Residential Services for Teens

    The Phoenix House programs for teens and adolescents offer intensive substance abuse and mental health services in CARF-accredited facilities, often with high school academic programs. See more details

  • Assessment and Evaluation Services

    In various locations, Phoenix House provides independent assessments and evaluations of substance use disorders as requested by individuals, families, schools and the Criminal Justice System. See more details

  • Adult Outpatient Services

    Our adult outpatient services are a comprehensive array of substance abuse and mental health programs--all using evidence-based practices--delivered in safe, supportive, CARF-accredited settings. See more details

  • Mother and Child Residential Services

    Phoenix House offers comprehensive and professional services for pregnant women and mothers and their young children in residential settings. See more details

  • Residential Services for Adults

    Phoenix House’s residential treatment services are wide-ranging and comprehensive, allowing us to tailor each client’s treatment solutions to meet individual needs. See more details

  • Adult Detoxification and Stabilization

    Our adult medical and social detoxification and stabilization services first help each individual to safely detoxify and then connect them to the next level of care: either residential, sober living or outpatient services. See more details

  • Military & Veteran Community Services

    Phoenix House provides substance abuse, mental health, and/or support services which have been specifically designed to address the unique experiences and challenges of the military community. See more details