What happens in a typical day in treatment?

A typical day is unique for every teen, depending on their treatment setting (residential, outpatient, in urban, suburban, and rural settings) and what their specific needs might be. Let’s start with a typical day in outpatient treatment.

In our outpatient programs, teens may attend treatment for one hour a week (traditional outpatient or aftercare) to 12 hours per week (Intensive Outpatient). In individual and group sessions, teens may focus on specific topics, like making smart decisions, problem solving, or relapse prevention, or more general issues, such as a discussion group for teens involved with marijuana or prescription drugs. Group and individual sessions are most commonly held in the late afternoon and evenings, after school and work, although services are usually available at other hours as well. Your teen’s program may also offer recovery support services, medical, psychiatric, educational, vocational, or legal services, and social and recreational activities.

In our residential programs, teens live on-site in gender-specific quarters. They generally start their day with a community meeting to help organize and motivate each other for the day. The day is spent in a combination of group counseling sessions, one-on-one sessions with counselors and therapists, schooling, educational lectures, and specialized services (depending on need) within the facility. Personal time is spent sharing meals, engaging in healthy, positive recreational activities, and journaling, reading, and other recovery-focused activities.  Your teen’s program may also offer medical, dental and psychiatric care including prescription medications, educational, vocational, or legal services, writing and recording music in a professional on-site recording studio, yoga, karate, and other services. A community meeting is held at the end of every day as well to bring everyone together once more to make sure important information is shared and our teens remain focused on a successful recovery.

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