What drug prevention services do you offer?

Our prevention and education services are delivered in numerous settings. Our goals are to highlight the dangers of drug use, reinforce positive self-esteem, and educate youth and adults to make positive choices.  We tailor our presentations and resources to suit a broad spectrum of settings, including client homes, public and private schools, hospitals, and education programs for DUI/DWI offenders, Phoenix House adolescent prevention programs give young people and their families the education necessary to be able to avoid substance use/abuse and to take control of their lives. Programs are offered to public and private school students, faculty members, parents, and high-risk youth involved with the juvenile justice system.  Other activities include coalition and consortium participation, court and community intervention programs, and driver education/intervention courses for DUI offenders.

In addition to the more intensive prevention programs, Phoenix House has Speakers Bureaus in many communities, where staff, clients, or program alumni are available to come speak to groups about the importance of staying away from drugs, and the consequences of addiction. We also collaborate with AmeriCorps, Youth Mentoring, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Contact your local Admissions Office for more information.

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