What if my loved one needs to detox?

Our Detoxification Service is a medically supervised outpatient detoxification and rehabilitation program committed to offering safe withdrawal from a variety of substances, including alcohol and opiates. Clients are admitted by registered nurses and nurse practitioners seven days a week, and seen by a licensed physician. The program is staffed at all times with a team of licensed counselors who work closely with the client to devise an appropriate treatment plan that focuses on the clients medical needs, detoxification issues, and aftercare following discharge. Detoxification may be provided as a stand-alone service or along with other services such as intensive residential treatment. After clients complete detoxification, we refer them to an appropriate level of care based on their needs. The average length of stay for medically monitored detoxification is between 10 and 21 days. This may extend to several weeks of continuing recovery and rehabilitative care.

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