Is the family involved in treatment?

Yes, the family is considered a very important part of treatment in all our programs, and we try to work with families in many ways. With the permission of our adult clients, we reach out to their families and support systems right away. We let them know of the various services available for them, and include them in educational programs, family group sessions, and social events.  We encourage families to be part of our discharge planning process, and we may even reach out to families to help us understand what will best motivate a client. While we allow clients to go home on family visits, we also encourage loved ones to come visit clients at our programs so they can better understand how treatment looks and feels.

In our adolescent programs, family participation is particularly important.  All of our adolescent programs offer Parent Education Seminars and support groups for parents and other caregivers.  We hope families will be involved throughout the treatment process, including planning for when treatment is over.

Throughout our system, “family” is defined by the client and their relationship with those they feel are supportive to their recovery or need to learn about recovery.  Two people do not need to be related by law to be considered family.

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