How long will my loved one be in treatment?

Each client’s stay in treatment is determined by a number of factors – from the problems they are addressing to the strengths they have for recovery. It’s difficult to know ahead of time how long treatment should last but what we do know from research is that treatment that lasts 90 days or more tends to be more effective.  This could be in residential treatment, outpatient treatment or a combination. While it might seem overwhelming to think about your family member being in treatment for that long, it is around 90 days of sobriety when the brain begins to recover some of the functions it lost during active drug use.

Other factors that can influence how long your loved one may stay in treatment include how long they have been using drugs, in what amounts, whether or not they need to physically detox from drugs first, their existing network of supportive family and friends, their motivation and willingness to make changes, and the existence of other medical or psychiatric issues.

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