How do you know if someone needs treatment?

Many people use drugs or alcohol, but not everyone has a problem or needs treatment.  Those of us who use substances and are unable to stay in control of our use or our behavior when we use would likely benefit from substance abuse treatment, as would those who experience problems as the result of use or who are not able to stop using even when in the face of negative consequences.

The best way to know if someone needs treatment is to have them participate in an assessment. During an assessment, a trained counselor will talk with your loved one about what drugs they are using and what problems they are experiencing as a result. Based on a set of criteria, the counselor will determine if treatment is needed at this point, and at what intensity (i.e., residential or outpatient).

For many people, screening and assessments are a first step in the process.  Phoenix House offers comprehensive assessments for drug or alcohol problems – Click here or contact your closest admissions office to schedule an appointment.

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