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Feeling Better

If you think your parent drinks too much or is addicted to drugs, here is something you should think about: YOURSELF!

When a parent has a drug or alcohol problem, it’s awful. But you are not the only kid in the world who has this trouble. Most people keep alcoholism and drug abuse a secret, but the fact is, there are millions of kids with parents just like yours. They go to your school, live in your neighborhood, and are on your teams and in your clubs. They just don’t talk about it. Like you probably don’t.

What can you do to help yourself feel better?

  1. Learn the facts about alcohol and other drugs. Just because your parent drinks a lot or uses drugs does not mean that you know the whole truth.
  2. Talk about it. A lot of kids find that talking about what is happening with a trusted friend or adult makes them feel better. There are probably some people you already know who would be happy to talk with you. Like your teacher, guidance counselor, a relative, doctor, coach, or your best friend. If you don’t want to talk to any of these people, you might want to call the people at Alateen (Alateen is a group of kids like you who meet to talk about their problems.)
  3. Don’t forget to have some fun. Get involved with activities you enjoy – clubs, sports, things that make you feel good about yourself. It doesn’t have to be a school activity – maybe you like to laugh with friends, or just go out and have fun! In other words, start thinking about yourself. Remember to be a kid!
  4. Don’t use drugs or alcohol yourself . Because your parent has an alcohol or drug problem, you’re at higher risk to develop a problem yourself. So be careful!