Phoenix House is partnering with physicians across the country in many ways.  Over the past five years, we have changed our service delivery system. Residential care via Therapeutic Communities now represents just a percentage of our services nationwide.  We also partner with hospitals and physicians to implement Screening, Brief Interventions and Referrals to Treatment (SBIRT) in Emergency Departments and healthcare clinics, bringing added value to the services physicians and other healthcare workers provide.

We offer dual-diagnosis programs, mental health contracts, adolescent academies, prevention services, and case management activities—all of which are documented and monitored in our national electronic health record system.  In addition, we provide substance abuse education for individuals with chronic medical disorders; treatment and management of IV drug users with medical complications; and treatment and monitoring of chronic pain patients’ drug use/compliance. We stand out among similar programs because of our comprehensive continuum of care, our use of evidence-based practices, our capacity to monitor effectiveness, and our ability to communicate regularly and effectively with physicians, hospitals, and other providers who refer clients to us.