Criminal Justice Services

For several decades, Phoenix House has been recognized for its innovative programs that meet the substance abuse treatment needs of criminal justice clients. Among Phoenix House’s milestones was our role in creating the country’s first correctional treatment unit, a model now widely replicated in prisons throughout the country and abroad. Phoenix House was also an early provider of treatment as an alternative to prison.

We provide treatment programs at criminal justice facilities, operate programs for clients on parole or probation, and treat clients mandated to community treatment programs as an alternative to incarceration.

Treatment at community programs costs significantly less than incarceration, and provides an opportunity for clients to address their substance abuse in a clinically supportive environment.

We provide a seamless continuity of community-based treatment services ranging from outpatient services to short-term and longer-term residential treatment, to aftercare. We serve adolescents as well as adults.

At some locations, we also provide gender-specific programming, treatment for co-occurring mental health problems, detoxification services, vocational services, and services for veterans and military personnel.