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Employment Opportunities

Find out about current job opportunities at Phoenix House.

Reasonable Accommodations for Applying/Recruitment

Reasonable accommodations are adjustments made to remove workplace obstacles for qualified individuals with disabilities to apply for and perform their jobs.

Benefits Summary

Phoenix House provides comprehensive benefits for employees and their families.


At Phoenix House, we are committed to the growth, advancement and professional development of all our staff.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are instrumental in our prevention and education programs. These services in homes and schools inform parents and counsel more than 30,000 young people each year—giving them the tools and confidence to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Careers at Phoenix House

Careers in Drug Rehab at Phoenix HousePhoenix House is a leading provider of substance abuse treatment and prevention services, operating more than 120 programs in ten states.

Phoenix House Human Resource Philosophy

We strongly believe that Phoenix House’s success in reclaiming disordered lives depends on our ability to recruit, develop and retain a community of talented, motivated and innovative employees. Our personnel practices reflect our organization’s strategic plan, reinforce our vision, remain consistent with our core values, and support our goals. Our mission is to:

  • Encourage organizational excellence;
  • Create a high level of morale through recognition and positive employee relations;Careers in Drug Rehab at Phoenix House
  • Support diversity at all levels of the organization;
  • Offer competitive compensation and benefit packages;
  • Enhance organizational effectiveness by promoting teamwork;
  • Partner with managers and supervisors to establish, communicate and reward high standards of performance;
  • Inspire employees by offering opportunities for meaningful and challenging work, personal development and professional growth.