Phoenix House New York

Londi Alberti

Program Director

New York"Treatment works if you choose to take advantage of the process. You can be whatever you want to be, as long as you want to change, and then you will see the rewards."

Londi Alberti has worked in the field of substance abuse treatment since 1984 and has counseled clients, supervised programs across Long Island, and managed treatment for a range of programs and populations, including adolescents, mothers with children, men, and women.  “I’ve been in this field almost 30 years,” Londi says, “and I’ve never left Phoenix House.”

Londi came to the field after finishing her own substance abuse treatment with A Program Planned for Life Enrichment (APPLE), a New York-based provider that eventually merged with Phoenix House. After getting treatment, she worked as a driver and then as an intake counselor but wanted to move into a clinical role instead. After she was offered a counseling position, she moved up the ranks to senior counselor, assistant director and project director of an intensive residential treatment center in Hauppauge, New York.

Londi also served as assistant director of the first residential substance abuse treatment program for mothers and children on Long Island. With this program, she says, “I encouraged independent living. They were taught to do their own cooking, cleaning, and become self-reliant.” Working with the women from induction to the end of their treatment, Londi was able to create a living environment where the clients could get treatment and build life skills.

Londi also served as the director for a diagnostic facility of adult and adolescent residential programs. As program director of Phoenix House induction services, she oversaw clinical, administrative and operational services for new admissions. Running the induction program was a challenging task that required her to identify the best clinical treatment setting for clients. She worked to increase client engagement during the induction phase, which reduced premature self-discharges and increased successful program completions for clients finishing intensive residential treatment.

After APPLE and Phoenix House merged in early 2000, Londi became program director of the Phoenix House Community Residence in Suffolk County, Long Island, a program that serves unique populations such as military clients, clients in need of mental health services, and clients who have finished intensive residential treatment. Clients live at the community residence, are placed in vocational services or secure employment, and receive treatment both in the community residence and in an outpatient program located on-site. They also receive medical services, family services, and treatment based on evidence-based practices.

Londi still enjoys engaging with clients, even as a director. “I make it my business to try to get involved with the clients,” she says. “I encourage clients that treatment works if you choose to take advantage of the process. You can be whatever you want to be, as long as you want to change, and then you will see the rewards in life. Most importantly, I tell them, ‘I’m no different than you are. I just have a couple more years of sobriety.’ Treatment works if you want to change to live a productive lifestyle.”