Jack Feinberg

Vice President and Clinical Director

Texas“At Phoenix House, we custom tailor treatment services to meet the needs of each individual or family. One size most definitely does not fit all.”

Jack Feinberg brings over 17 years of experience in the behavioral health care industry to his role as Vice President and Clinical Director of Phoenix House Florida. He is a licensed mental health counselor with a qualified supervisor endorsement and a certified addiction professional. Jack holds a master’s degree in Community Psychology and Counseling from Springfield College.

Jack says he enjoys working in addiction treatment because it works: “Addiction is one of the most all-encompassing problems that we have in today’s society and one that is very reasonably helped. With proper treatment and proper understanding, people get better.”

Throughout his career, Jack has taken original ideas and translated them into systems that help people. As he puts it, “There’s a need, and we look at this need and say, ‘How are we going to fill it? What’s the best way to do it?’” Jack started his career in addiction treatment at Operation PAR, Inc., where he worked his way from entry level to counselor, supervisor and director. At Operation PAR, Jack was involved with opening several new programs, including a structured, innovative program for homeless clients. Clients proceeded through program levels inspired by a golfing metaphor, starting out on the tee and progressing to the fairway and the green, avoiding sand traps along the way. “It allowed people to have an interesting and different take, to get outside their current situation and tackle their homelessness and addiction, but in a way that wasn’t constantly throwing it in their faces,” Jack says.

In 2002, Jack joined Phoenix House and filled the roles of outpatient and residential program director, regional program planner, and operations director before moving to his current role as vice president and clinical director. During Jack’s tenure with Phoenix House, he has developed and implemented new program components. He designed and opened Phoenix House’s first Florida outpatient program and did so in a way that transformed the company’s understanding of what outpatient treatment could be. He also worked to change residential treatment in a way that dramatically increased patient completion rates while keeping the same excellent program outcomes. “We were able to significantly help more people and produce better outcomes,” Jack says.

In addition to his work at Phoenix House, Jack taught at the School of Human Services at Springfield College. He is the chairperson of the City of St. Petersburg Social Services Funding Allocation Committee, a mayoral city commission appointment he has held through two administrations. He is active on a number of other boards and community committees, is a long standing member and Chairperson of the Phoenix House Institutional Review Board, and serves on the Phoenix House National Clinical Steering Committee.

Jack takes pride in putting customer service first and treating people with respect and dignity. “We treat everybody as a unique person,” Jack says. “Everybody’s life is different, everybody’s circumstances are different, and we have to rise to the challenge of coming up with unique solutions to help each individual. That’s what makes Phoenix House unique.”