Our staff provides expert clinical care to bring our clients to lasting recovery.

At Phoenix House, clients receive care from a multidisciplinary team of experts, including medical doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, alcohol and drug dependency counselors, and other specialists. For these professionals, addiction treatment is more than just a job; it’s a passion. We invite you to learn more about our team by clicking the profiles below and by clicking here to learn more about the Phoenix House Leadership Team.

Our Chief Medical Officer, Andrew Kolodny M.D.

“We are committed to doing what it takes to help our clients gain the tools to overcome addiction and find the path to lasting recovery.”

Dr. Kolodny is the Chief Medical Officer of Phoenix House and Executive Director of Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing.


Akilah Templeton

Program Director
As Program Director, Akilah is committed to helping people get another chance at life.

Brendan Kavanaugh

Program Director
As a Program Director, Brendan embraces treatment innovations to best serve our clients.

Carole-Ann Scott

Program Director
Carole-Ann brings a background in education and youth services to Phoenix House.

Shawna Morris

Senior Vice President and Executive Director
Shawna brings 26 years of experience in healthcare and behavioral health organizations.


David Fields

Clinical Director, Residential Services
David, a supervising counselor, supervises staff, counsels, & coordinates daily program activities.

Jennifer Chavarro

Clinical Supervisor
Jennifer specializes in working with youths with co-occurring substance misuse and mental health disorders.

Jillian Connelly

Program Director
Jillian enjoys seeing her clients fulfill their goals and regain hope as Supervising Counselor.

Sonya Bufe

Clinical Director, Outpatient Services
Sonya utilizes 25 years of counseling and management experience to serve youth and adults in an outpatient setting.

Tom George

Practice Manager
With 18 years of health care experience, Tom ensures quality care for our clients.


Dan Pender

Program Director and Clinical Supervisor, Regional Director of Performance Improvement
Wall Street broker turned family therapist, Dan is now regional director of performance improvement.

New Hampshire

Amelie Gooding

Program Director
Amelie has committed her long career in New Hampshire to improving outcomes for those suffering from addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Peter Dal Pra, LADC, LCS

Program Director
Peter, a program director, has served as a leader and advocate for treatment in New Hampshire.

New York

Brian Gillam

Director of Residential Programs, New York Region
Brian, a director of residential programs, has worked across Phoenix House's continuum of care.

Dan Boylan

Program Director
Dan believes in early intervention and works with his staff to help teens make better choices.

Denise Buckley

Director of Community Residences
Denise, director of community residences, is motivated by a belief in second chances.

Julia Floyd-Ventura

Vice President and Director of Mental Health and Military Services
Julia, director of mental health & military services, manages New York's mental health programs.

Karen Mohammed

Director of Jack Aron Center Adult Outpatient Services
Karen, a program director, oversees adult outpatient services.

Londi Alberti

Program Director
A program director, Londi has 30 years of experience at Phoenix House.

Paul Pitts

Program Director
Paul has worked with Phoenix House from the start of his career in substance abuse counseling.

Peter Scaminaci

Senior Vice President and Executive Director
With over 20 years of healthcare management experience, Peter is driven to make a difference.

Shaun Willis

Director of Outpatient Services for Long Island
As director of outpatient services in Long Island, Shaun develops a vision of clinical excellence.

Susan Pikser

Director of Quality Assurance for Mental Health Services
As director of quality assurance for mental health services, Susan is dedicated to delivering high-caliber care to our clients.

Vincent Vaglica

Program Director
As Program Director, Vincent loves seeing people begin new journeys.

Vincenzo Panico

Clinical Director
Vincenzo has seen our model of vocational services and treatment transform clients' lives.

Rhode Island

Fred Trapassi, Jr

Vice President of Rhode Island Programming
Fred has worked in the human services field since 1986, helping those who struggle with addiction.

Kristin Kretchman

Program Director
Kristin, a program director, uses her nursing experience to stabilize clients and ease withdrawal.

Marie Moore

Program Director
A program director, Marie is certified to treat chemical dependency & co-occurring disorders.


Cyrus Martin

Cyrus has been practicing in the field for years, and thrives on meeting the needs of his community.

De’An Olson

Program Director
As program director, De'An focuses on knowledge she can use to improve treatment outcomes.

Drew Dutton

Residential Coordinator
Drew focuses on solutions and uses hands-on, experiential learning to help teens.

Gia Yasmeen

Prevention Supervisor
Gia manages and supervises our prevention programs for teens.

Jack Feinberg

Vice President and Clinical Director
Jack, clinical director, brings to Phoenix House 17 years of experience in behavioral health care.

Juan-Carlos Rangel

Coalition Coordinator
An integral member of our prevention team, Juan-Carlos connects families to resources for support.

Kelly Garrett Aubry

Director of Residential and Outpatient Services
Kelly has experience treating psychiatric, behavioral & substance-related disorders.

Rudy Garcia

Director of Prevention
Rudy is a licensed counselor and prevention specialist.

Stefanie Kutra

Outpatient Manager
Stefanie has a master’s degree in marriage & family counseling and works as an outpatient counselor and supervisor.

Tony Gonzales

Clinical Manager
As clinical manager, Tony supervises clinical interns and oversees their training.


James Henzel

Regional Program Director
James leads the RISE programs and builds up their services and community partnerships.

Richard Turner, MPA

Vice President, New Hampshire and Vermont Programs
As director of New Hampshire and Vermont programs, Dick is dedicated to saving lives by providing comprehensive services in communities across Northern New England.


Arlene Krohmal

Clinical Care Manager
As clinical care manager, Arlene supports families and clients through the recovery process.

Debby Taylor

Senior Vice President and Executive Director
With over 40 years of experience, Debby is an award-winning leader in her community and the field.

George Knoerlein

Director of Clinical Operations
As Director of Clinical Operations, George has worked with us from the beginning of his career in counseling.

Jane Nevins

Clinical Director of Assessments and Utilization Review
As clinical director, Jane brings 25 years of experience in the field of addiction treatment.

Kelly Rankin

Program Director
A program director, Kelly helps mothers overcome addiction and build family relationships.

Kevin Shuler

Residential Supervisor
A residential supervisor, Kevin has been helping teens at Phoenix House since 2000.

Patrick Correnty

Medical Director
Patrick Correnty brings 16 years of medical practice to his role as medical director.

Pattie Schneeman

Clinical Director
As clinical director, Pattie oversees programs, training, and compliance.

Reggie Williams

Residential Manager
Reggie, a residential manager, oversees daily operations and conducts evidence-based group therapy.

Susan Spies

Family Nurse Practitioner
A family nurse practitioner, Susan provides medical care for our clients.

Taylor Shay

Clinical Supervisor
Taylor Shay has been working in the human services and psychological counseling field since 2002.