True Story: Luke

The true story of Luke, who endured abuse and bullying as a child and teen and turned to drugs and alcohol to escape–then found the road to recovery from his addiction at Phoenix House.

True Story: Michael

The true story of Michael, who smoked marijuana daily, got caught for vandalism, and entered rehab at Phoenix House.

True Story: Anthony

True story of Anthony, a young man addicted to painkillers and heroin, but found his road to recovery at Phoenix House.

True Story: Jason

The true story of Jason, whose addiction to prescription painkillers, Xanax, and heroin led to a life in and out of rehabs and psych wards–until he got to Phoenix House.

True Story: Kenneth

The true story of Kenneth, who spent his childhood knowing he was different, and 20 years addicted to cocaine and other drugs–until a judge referred him to treatment at Phoenix House.