Medical Team Expands to Ensure Quality Care

The Phoenix House Mid-Atlantic medical team has added licensed practical nurses to provide expanded coverage to the Boys Recovery Lodge and Phoenix Program clients. This will ensure optimal chances for recovery.

Summit Highlights Unique Adolescent Needs

The Phoenix House Mid-Atlantic Recovery Summit provided tools and shared recent research on addiction and the teen brain, as well as effective care.

“Heroin Highway” Receives Attention

WJLA News 7 presents week-long series on the destruction of lives along “Heroin Highway.” This span of interstate spans from Baltimore, Maryland to Winchester, Virginia impacting several communities.

Phoenix House Takes Part in FBI, DEA Educational Film

Phoenix House’s Deborah S. Taylor takes part in joint FBI, DEA educational film, “Chasing The Dragon,” an educational tool for teens and young adults to deter them from opiate abuse.

Program Spotlight: Girls Recovery Lodge

Phoenix House Mid-Atlantic is proud to offer treatment to adolescent girls through the nationally-accredited Girls Recovery Lodge.