Phoenix House Takes Part in FBI, DEA Educational Film

Phoenix House’s Deborah S. Taylor takes part in joint FBI, DEA educational film, “Chasing The Dragon,” an educational tool for teens and young adults to deter them from opiate abuse.

Program Spotlight: Girls Recovery Lodge

Phoenix House Mid-Atlantic is proud to offer treatment to adolescent girls through the nationally-accredited Girls Recovery Lodge.

Counseling Center Introduces Family Orientation Group

Adolescent outpatient treatment at Phoenix House Counseling Center Arlington now includes a valuable addition: Family Orientation Group.

Phoenix House Mid-Atlantic Welcomes New Role of Discharge Coordinator

Counselors are now given more time to focus on treatment rather than creating a discharge plan in Phoenix House Mid-Atlantic with the new position of Discharge Coordinator to aid the new process.

Vietnamese Delegation and SAMHSA visit Phoenix House Mid-Atlantic

Vietnam wishes to create medication assisted treatment programs for individuals in the criminal justice system with substance use disorders and visited Phoenix House Mid-Atlantic as a model program.