Five Ways Drug-Free Teens Learn to Love Themselves

It’s Red Ribbon Week, and this year’s theme is “Love Yourself. Be Drug Free.” Here are five ways you can help kids love themselves and their lives–and remain drug-free.

Curbing Teen Substance Use in New Hampshire

Phoenix House in Keene, New Hampshire, met with local drug prevention and treatment organizations to discuss how the community can reduce substance abuse and direct kids to healthier paths.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles for Recovery

Phoenix House Florida encourages teens in treatment to focus on healthy eating and exercise while working to overcome addiction.

Molly: A Real Threat to Young Lives

Molly, a club drug rising in popularity, is posing serious threats to the health and safety of young people.

Growing Towards Recovery with The Horticultural Society

Sara Hobel is the Executive Director of The Horticultural Society of New York. “The Hort,” as it is known, operates many therapeutic horticultural programs in and around New York City, including a unique farm and garden designed by our clients.