Supporting Inmates Outside the Prison Doors

Now that 50,000 drug offenders are eligible to apply for early release, treatment providers should focus on helping them have a smooth re-entry and a strong start in recovery.

Misunderstanding Addicted Moms

Every hour, one baby is born to a mother with an opiate addiction. Tennessee is addressing this problem the wrong way with a new law that makes it a crime to take drugs while pregnant.

Alabama Raid: Wrong Way to Curb Drug Use

Last week, I was shocked to learn of a massive college drug bust in my home state of Alabama. Arresting and expelling students is no way to reduce substance abuse on campus. In fact, it is counterproductive.

#DrugPol Chat: Our Top 10 Takeaways

Phoenix House and the Fix hosted a lively Twitter debate on drug policy. Nonprofit leaders, treatment providers, writers, and even the ONDCP weighed in on questions like mandated treatment, harm reduction, regulating, and legalizing drugs.

Sticks and Carrots: Kick-Starting Treatment in Vermont

For most people who find themselves facing an addiction-related charge, treatment is the option that helps them change—a truth that Vermont has recognized for decades. When motivating folks to seek treatment, “sticks and carrots” are key.