The Real March Madness: The NCAA’s Drug Policy

The NCAA lacks a uniform and consistently enforced drug policy–and should take key steps toward rectifying that.

Army Substance Abuse Programs Need Healing

The Army’s Substance Abuse and Treatment Programs are in disarray, says a new USA Today investigation. With lives at stake, military leaders need to do more for personnel, who often suffer not only addiction, but co-occurring disorders like PTSD.

Madonna’s Teaching Moment: Talking to Kids about Drugs

When Madonna spoke at a taping of the Jonathan Ross Show, the conversation turned to talking to kids about drugs–and the Material Girl revealed that she takes a “moderate” approach.

#CampusRx: Our Top Takeaways from the Chat

On March 3, we joined The Jed & Clinton Health Matters Campus Program for #CampusRx, a chat about the troubling trend of prescription drug misuse on college campuses. Experts, students, administrators and others weight in on student stress and more.

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Missing the Point with Molly

Nearly a dozen Wesleyan students were hospitalized after using Molly, signaling the need to discuss how to help teens de-stress without drugs.