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Our Perspectives

lonely bball

The Real March Madness: The NCAA’s Drug Policy

The NCAA lacks a uniform and consistently enforced drug policy–and should take key steps toward rectifying that.

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In The Headlines


U.S. Heroin-Related Deaths Quadrupled

Opioid addiction and overdose death rates have been skyrocketing for more than a decade.

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Regional News

phoenix house mother and child program education recreation

New York

Library time enriches Mother and Child Program


Phoenix House and law enforcement combat heroin use in North Texas in latest efforts
Family Day


Family day in Citra provides an atmosphere of hope and enthusiasm
Client from Washington D.C. program


“This (contract) allows us to touch 600 more lives at one time”, said George Knoerlein, Director of Clinical Operations at Phoenix House Mid‐Atlantic.
Triumph for Teens Gala Logo 2015


The 12th Annual Triumph for Teens Gala in Beverly Hills will be held on Jun 15, 2015

New England

Phoenix House to open 64-bed rehab facility in Quincy, Massachusetts

True Stories

Susan triumphed over alcohol and drug addiciton

True Story: Susan

Susan used alcohol and heroin to dull her pain–which she never understood the root of, until she entered counseling at Phoenix House, where she learned how to stop being a victim and take responsibility for her choices.

John Geremia Paint

True Story: John

I started like everyone else—drinking and smoking weed in high school. I was scared to try pot at first, but by the time I was…

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