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Our Perspectives

SWAT team

Ferguson’s Overlooked Ties to the War on Drugs

Militarization in Ferguson has its roots in programs that allowed government agencies to transfer army equipment to local police forces for counterdrug activities. But these policies often cause more harm than good.

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In The Headlines

New England Battles Synthetic Marijuana

New England Battles Synthetic Marijuana

New Hampshire and Massachusetts are facing a growing crisis of synthetic marijuana abuse and overdose. New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan recently declared a public health emergency…

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Regional News

vocational education at Phoenix House

New York

Career Academy Students Gain Skills at Building Maintenance Classes
Bush_Laura_PROMOPIC 600x650


The Triumph for Teens Luncheon will be held April 30, 2014 at the Hilton Anatole.


Phoenix House Florida nurse achieves prestigious rehab certification
VA_Summer_Institute_Addiction_Studies 2


Did you know that the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has listed the opioid addiction epidemic as a public health crisis on its top 5 priority areas for 2014?


Phoenix House Academy in Los Angeles hosted an Open House with lectures and tours.
Aquidneck House resized

New England

A new recovery house in Rhode Island provides additional support after rehab

True Stories


True Story: Paul

“Rehab is a place where you learn to live again. I re-learned how to be good to people, how to be respectful, how not to lie to people. My advice to those struggling with addiction is never give up. Always fight.”


True Story: Hayley

“You can’t run from it, you have to face it. You can run from it all day long but it’s going to catch up with you and bite you in the butt. And if you face it, that’s the only way you’re going to recover.”

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