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Our Perspectives

Erin Daly 2

Guest Blogger: Erin Marie Daly on Generation Rx

Erin Marie Daly’s book Generation Rx tells the story of America’s opioid addiction epidemic in a very personal way. In this post, she discusses what prompted her to write it, why we should care, and what we can do.

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In The Headlines

White house south2

Recovery at the White House: Celebrating 25 Years

Members and supporters of the recovery community gathered at The White House to celebrate the 25th anniversary of National Recovery Month.

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Regional News

hauppauge men's program mohonk ny

New York

Hauppauge Center Clients Hiking Adventure


Phoenix House Texas participates in North Texas Giving Day


Phoenix House Citra Center is united in the Celebration of Recovery
VA_Summer_Institute_Addiction_Studies 2


Did you know that the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has listed the opioid addiction epidemic as a public health crisis on its top 5 priority areas for 2014?


Surprising facts our Medical Director taught us about Molly and Spice.
A View from Pack Monadnock

New England

Climb for Recovery supports Phoenix House rehab services in New Hampshire

True Stories

A true story of addiction and recovery

True Story: Alex

Alex went from marijuana use to Percocet and heroin addiction. Stealing Christmas money from his family and doing drugs at school, he finally knew he was at his knees to his addiction.


True Story: Suzy

“One day I tried shooting up heroin…and that was it. I was home. Phoenix House helped me get back on track and rediscover my passion for acting. Now, I’m an intern for the Stella Adler Outreach Program.”

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