The Sad Statistics Behind Kathie Lee and Hoda’s “Happy Hour”

TODAY show hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb often start the morning with wine and cocktails. In light of troubling studies regarding drinking among adult women, why are they glorifying a warning sign of alcoholism?

Mirror, Mirror: Governor Chris Christie’s Contradictory Views on Drug Addiction

Governor Chris Christie’s conflicting views on how to handle people struggling with drug addiction mirrors the ambivalence many Americans feel.

Top Five Ways to Support a Loved One in Recovery

Whether they have been sober for days, months, or years, it’s important to remember that they still are living with a chronic disease that requires monitoring, treatment—and support. Here are concrete ways you can help provide that

Guest Blogger: Erin Marie Daly on Generation Rx

Erin Marie Daly’s book Generation Rx tells the story of America’s opioid addiction epidemic in a very personal way. In this post, she discusses what prompted her to write it, why we should care, and what we can do.

The Down Side of Bud Light’s “Up for Whatever” Weekend

Anheuser-Busch flew 1,000 young people to Crested Butte, Colorado, for its “Up for Whatever” ad campaign, rewarding them for using alcohol to fuel their fun.