Overdose Awareness Day: A Father’s Story

Bill Williams, who lost his son to addiction more than two years ago, reflects on the meaning of International Overdose Awareness Day.

In the Face of Addiction: More Grandparents Raising Kids

More grandparents and other relatives are stepping up to take care of the children of parents struggling with the disease of addiction. These caregivers need our support; here are five way neighbors, friends, and others can help and share resources.

West Virginia Supreme Court Case Puts Doctors on Notice

Now, in a decision with widespread implications, the West Virginia Supreme Court has ruled that people suffering from the disease of opioid addiction can sue the doctors and pharmacies who caused or contributed to their addiction.

Three Key Myths Fueling Synthetic Marijuana Use

Today, synthetic marijuana — dried plant matter with chemicals sprayed on it –is becoming more prevalent and the formulations are becoming more sophisticated. Here are the three biggest myths about this drug and ways to talk to kids about it.

Trainwreck: A Film out of the Box or out of the Past?

Trainwreck’s treatment of binge drinking and pot smoking is reminiscent of the “happy drunk” portrayals of yesteryear. How edgy is that? Answer: not very.